How to request a bespoke commission piece

“If you like my designs but want something a little different made for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch”

I mean this most sincerely as creating a special unique piece of jewellery designed by combining the customer's ideas with my own is one of the things I love most about my job.

Sometimes a customer is looking for something very specific, they see my work and get in touch to ask if I can make what they want. I’m always 100% honest about what is achievable and if the brief is above my skill set I will say so and sometimes recommend other jewellers. Other customers like a particular design of mine but want it tweaked; longer, shorter, chunkier or perhaps with different stones, some customers want to mix and match the designs to create a unique piece.

The discussion about the design can take place purely by message if it’s not complicated, sometimes I will suggest we speak on the phone to discuss specific details after which I’ll do a rough sketch and put the details into writing. Once the design has been confirmed including a timescale to work to then the sale will go ahead and the work will begin.

The necklace in the image above was made after a couple of phone calls and some sample links were made and sent to the customer for approval. It is a really chunky statement piece but I am just as happy making a small pair of earrings or a simple ring for a commission customer as I am making an elaborate necklace so if you have something in mind please do get in touch.

This is a picture of a blackened silver chain bracelet
This is a picture of a pair of silver wedding rings
This is a picture of a silver chain necklace with one gold central link

Posted by Gill Melly on May 7th 2021

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