I seem to spend a lot of time procrastinating about my designs, my makes, the website, learning new skills, and buying tools and other supplies, in fact, I procrastinate at length about most things in my life, work-related or otherwise. So lately I’ve been asking myself “why do I do this, what is holding me back from just getting on with things?”

To answer this question I need to work out what I gain by putting things off and what I stand to lose if I hold back for too long. I’ve mostly found that a little procrastination is a good thing. It gives me time to think things through and plan properly and has often saved me from costly mistakes and poor decisions. Not that I can’t make quick decisions when needed... I can… and will always justify the actions I take. But when I have time to umm and err and put off committing to something I will. Ah! Is this my answer? Am I commitment-phobic? Even if that is the answer then I need to work out why that is. I think most life coaches would ask me the same question.

“What am I scared of?”

Hmmmmm…. I’m scared of wasting time (ironically), wasting my hard-earned money, of having a better idea or opportunity after I’ve committed to something and of things not working out the way I want them to, ultimately I have a fear of failure.

I’m not going to beat myself up over this as I know that a lot of time it is this fear that keeps me safe and in my comfort zone, which is a nice and cosy place to be and normally a very happy place. I know that at times my hesitation in making some big decisions has been the right thing and has given me time to rethink and make a better choice long term. 

So now I am learning to recognise when I’m procrastinating just for the sake of it, over smaller decisions where it doesn’t really matter if something goes wrong or if it fails completely. Just because I’m a little nervous about the outcome of something is no reason to keep putting off having a go, after all, I won’t learn anything or move forwards if I stay in my comfort zone forever. So when I find myself wasting time just for the sake of it I have a mantra which is really helping me…..

BE BRAVE, Focus, Plan and COMMIT!

Or in other words, Just Get On With It!

P.S. I wrote this several months before I published it, mainly because every time I went to publish I couldn’t decide on an image to go with it. I decided to use this picture because, when I have something big to think about I go and sit in the spot where this was taken, often early in the morning before the crowds arrive, where I can clear my head and focus on nothing but the view and what I need to be thinking about.

Posted by Gill Melly on August 3rd 2022

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