Recycled silver Amethyst pendant

Organic Amethyst pendant
Organic Amethyst pendant

Recycled silver Amethyst pendant

An organic circle of recycled sterling silver set with a pretty Amethyst gemstone.


This unique necklace has been made by melting the offcuts and trimmings from other makes. I carve a ring into a charcoal block, arrange the silver pieces in it then carefully and evenly heat until molten and forming a pleasing ring shape. It is intended to have a raw, organic shape and texture.

After cleaning and polishing a purple amethyst gemstone has been set into the silver. 

The pendant measures approximately 2.5cm across and hangs on a 45cm sterling silver chain.


  • Made from recycled sterling silver 
  • Pendant size approximately 2.5cm 
  • chain length 45cm
  • Amethyst gemstone
  • Every one is unique 
  • Lead time 1-3 days
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