Eccentric Circles 

You may have noticed that I really like circles, so what could be better than circles within circles. Unlike concentric circles which all share the same centre these silver jewellery designs are all ‘off centre’ which apparently is called ‘Eccentric’.

A few of these designs have been with me almost since my business started but this handmade silver jewellery collection is constantly growing and evolving and now caters for most tastes from dainty and delicate to big, bold and beautiful. All of these designs have a hammered texture that sparkles when it catches the light and some of them are set with gemstones for added colour.

The tiny eccenteric circle earrings and necklaces are great if you're looking for birthstone jewellery, if your required stone isn't in the collection please contact me to ask.

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I have always applied texture to my designs, mostly using various hammers but whilst doing an online tutorial I learnt about using burrs to create texture.

This extra sparkly texture (which reminds me of little bubbles that pop in wet sand as the tide recedes) is made using different sized round ended burrs. It is quite time consuming to create and results in a lot of silver dust, which can be recycled or perhaps used to create another texture (watch this space).

The silver jewellery designs I apply it to are mostly simple and contemporary but I’m starting to use it as elements on more detailed designs. I especially like using it on the back of stone set pieces to add interest to the reverse.

As the texture is applied by hand every piece of jewellery will be similar but unique. Adding gemstones to some of these pieces gives more individuality, if you'd like a stone that isn't featured please ask.

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Handmade Silver Chains

If you’ve read my blog you’ll know that making unusual silver chain necklaces and bracelets is at the core of my business and something that I still enjoy several years into my jewellery-making adventure. The repetitive nature of making links and watching the chain length grow is quite therapeutic so if I’m struggling with another project I’ll often pick up a coil of wire and make a chain. There's a blog with a video here.

All the sterling silver chains are made entirely by hand so can be created in any combination of link shapes and sizes and to any length you would like. Please get in touch if you have an idea for something a little different, or a length option that I haven't listed.

Almost all the chains weigh more than the legal limit for selling silver in the UK without a hallmark applied at an Assay office, so the lead time can sometimes be three to four weeks. I try to keep one or two of the most popular lengths in stock so if you want it in a hurry please ask if it's available. Please read my blog on hallmarking to learn more.

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Recycled Organics

99% of the silver I use is now certified as recycled metal and then I recycle a lot of my offcuts and scrap to make these unique pieces. The nuggets are made by melting the sterling silver in a little hollow in my charcoal block where it naturally pulls togetherto form a 'blob', then small gemstones are set to sit flush with the surface. These make great birthstone pendants and are great for layering.

The open circle pendants are a little more complicated. The offcuts are spread into a circle then carefully torched until they fuse together, if I use too much heat they will melt completely into a big blob. Sometimes the ring forms a great shape without embellishment but mostly I will add extra silver granules and flush set gemstones into the surface.

These shapes are totally organic and no two will be the same. 

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Spring Tide

This small silver jewellery collection was inspired by watching an unusually high spring tide on the pebble beach near my home. The pebbles were being picked up and bounced around by the waves and were sparkling in the sunshine.

These pieces incorporate curves, circles and dots and are made with delicate wire with a lot of hammered texture So they really catch the light as they move. Some pieces may also contain gemstones to create unique one of a kind jewellery.

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My silver heart collection is small but perfectly formed. Every one of these hearts is cut from sterling silver wire and shaped by hand so every heart is similar but  unique.

They all have a sparkly hammered finish and are the perfect way to give a little love, be it a romantic gesture, a gift to yourself or a token of affection for a special friend.

Spread a little love.

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One of a kind

I’m always drawn to beads and gemstones that are a little different from the norm, or are bright and sparkly colours. With these stones I create silver jewellery pieces that are unique, one of a kind, never to be replicated. Sometimes when I come across a gemstone or a string of beads I know immediately what I will make with them, other gems sit in my collection for a long while before I design a setting for them. 

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Below are some pieces that have already sold but I thought I’d show them here, if there’s something that gives you inspiration for your own unique piece of jewellery please get in touch.

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