When I first started making silver jewellery I didn’t intend to design collections but looking back I unconsciously made pieces that were linked together. Now I enjoy coming up with a new design then developing that into a collection of pieces that match or co-ordinate, this can then be a limited edition collection like my seashell pieces or one that keeps evolving like the Eccentric circles collection. I’m also happy to discuss commissions if you like the overall design of a collection but want a bespoke piece.

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This is my latest collection and is still evolving. It’s inspired by my love for texture and is reminiscent of bubbles, or rather the little holes that are left in soft sand when the saltwater bubbles pop.
I came across the process whilst doing an online class and found I loved using different sized round burrs to remove the metal to make the dimples. The result is a heavily textured and extremely sparkly surface and can be enhanced by adding gemstones to create individual silver jewellery pieces.

I have lots of ideas for this collection from contemporary bar necklaces and long drop earrings to classic hoop earrings and big button stud earrings.


One of the first things a silversmith learns to do (normally by accident) is melt silver into a blob. I discovered that if I carved a rough circle into a charcoal block, filled it with small pieces and carefully brought them just to melting temperature at the same time the surface tension would hold and I could form a molten ring. Once I have formed a pleasing shape then I add some small granules, file off any sharp bits and polish, then add sparkly gemstones to some to create unique, tactile pieces of sterling silver jewellery.

This process is my way of using up all my offcuts so they are eco friendly too!

Spring tide

This is a small silver jewellery collection that was inspired by watching the way big high tide waves pick up pebbles and bounce them around on the beach near my home.

Each element is shaped and textured individually before being arranged into the designs and soldered together. After polishing some of them can have tiny gemstones added to certain elements.

The pieces are very light and comfortable to wear and all have my trademark hammered texture so they will sparkle beautifully as the light catches them.

Beach Treasure

One of the most relaxing things I can do is to wander along the tideline looking for the treasures that the sea has left behind. My home is filled with pretty and interesting shells and stones I’ve found on various beaches so as a jeweller it seemed a natural thing to do to turn these treasures into silver jewellery.

I picked out my favourite shells to cast in silver then added other elements to them to create some unique silver jewellery. I chose to add pearls to a lot of them as I loved the contrast in textures, the shells have so much detail and the pretty pearls are so smooth and lustrous. 
This limited edition collection is partly sold but there are still some lovely pieces in my Etsy shop waiting for the right person to find them.


One of a kind

Maybe it’s not right to call this a ‘collection’ as most of these pieces are very individual and usually the design is inspired by the stone itself. I usually buy these beads and stones at rock and gem fairs and I normally buy just one or two of each so these designs will rarely be replicated. Occasionally I will know immediately what I’m going to make but most of these gems sit in a box waiting until inspiration hits me.

If you’d like to commission something unique I’d be more than happy to discuss your ideas.

Eccentric circles

I’ll admit I didn’t know how to name these pieces until Google showed me the way – Eccentric is the term for concentric circles that don’t share the same centre, in other words ‘off centre’.

I didn’t intentionally design a silver jewellery collection with these pieces, it just evolved over time and it still gets added to occasionally. These are timeless pieces, relatively simple yet interesting, some are bold statement pieces and some are small and delicate and all with a lovely sparkly hammered texture.

Pearl Jewellery

I find pearls fascinating and would love to learn more about them. Most of the pearls in todays jewellery (including mine) are freshwater cultured pearls, the more colourful of them are dyed during the cultivation process. It is the darker colours I’m more drawn to, the lustrous purples, blues, pinks and golds to me are reminiscent of the colours reflected on the sea by an amazing sunset.

I will always string pearls on silk thread in the traditional way, tying a knot between each pearl. This is a time consuming process but has many benefits, the main one being that the necklace will look and feel nicer to wear.


Silver Chain and Hoops

The desire to make an unusual silver chain for myself to wear was the whole reason I started to learn silversmithing. You can read more about this over on my blog page where there is also one about the process I use to make chains.

There are now a variety of link shapes and sizes in the collection, small and dainty, chunky and organic shaped or even a mixture of them all, but if you have your own ideas for something unique for you then get in touch.

Silver heart earrings

Silver Hearts

This is a small collection for the romantics out there, or for those who just want to spread a little love around. The perfect gift to tell someone you love them.

Every one of these sterling silver hearts is shaped by hand from wire before soldering and hammering, so each one will be a little different. I make earrings in three sizes – very small, in between and HUGE, so there is something to suit most tastes. There’s also a couple of necklaces and a heart shaped links chain bracelet.